Our HIPAA compliant fitness-tracker-like patient experience does not require an app download or creation of a username or password. Patients quickly generate a Symptom Score that unites them and their provider as a team with a common goal to improve their Score over time.


Our integrated Outcome Dashboard & Outcome Timeline are auto-populated with EHR entered diagnoses, medications, procedures and more, to dramatically accelerate and enhance visualization of patient care. Our mobile app allows secure access from anywhere and can notify when patients symptoms are worsening.


The OutcomeMD platform includes an outcome-based care management section replete with a sophisticated outcome-?informed task manager and patient identification and cross-cover filtration system to optimally help your care managers help your patients.


In addition to real-time outcomes, we obtain and structure data around confounding factors, intake questions and EHR endpoints. Inclusion of this rich data, combined with our incentivized high rates of provider and patient engagement, gives you accurate, unbiased data to use for quality assurance, cost reduction and to dial in best practices.