Use our Outcome Management & Marketing platform to:

Attract new patients

  • Patient’s who do well can now publicly celebrate their good outcomes to the world with ease. This unique feature ignites spread of outcome-based positive patient word-of-mouth!

Convert interested patients

  • Review Site posts enhance & objectify your reputation
  • Outcome-based testimonials strengthen your website’s effectiveness

Optimize your website

  • Each good outcome profoundly improves your website SEO

Reduce costs

  • Dial in best practices and drop the costly treatments that don’t improve care

Improve contracts

  • Generate authenticated reports that celebrate areas where you obtain good outcomes to help when negotiating payer contracts

Capitalize on Value Based Care

  • Manage care and dial in best practices to deliver the best treatment the first time and avoid costly complications
  • Customizable notifications help you reduce unnecessary readmissions

Publish studies

  • The Outcome Dashboard makes it easy to generate powerful studies which empowers academic achievement and drives additional business

Obtain certifications

  • Submission of outcome data is a standard requirement for many Center of Excellence designations


Join the scientific revolution in patient care and measure what matters.
The Outcome is Everything.